Your mother was a hamster

... and your father smelt of elderberries (French Solider, Monty Python and The Holy Grail 1974)

I have been drinking elderflower cordial ever since my mate Michelle converted me three or four years ago and was pleased when we were still living in Melbourne to discover a Tassie version.  I recently noticed that Ashbolt were also making elderberry products and managed to taste some at a visit to the local farmers' market.

It was pretty exciting to discover that our new garden had a number of elder trees (or more correctly some in our garden, some hanging over the fence).  I missed the boat with the flowers this year, but recently Ian, Sofia and I picked half a bucket full of berries ...

... and I made elderberry syrup using David Lebovitz's recipe.  I ended up straining the liquid through cheese cloth as my sieve was not fine enough to get all the bits out.  The colour of the syrup is intense (even when diluted to drink) and the taste is quite subtle.  Great with fizzy water and a squeeze of lemon, the syrup is also meant to be quite good for you.

You wouldn't see this shot on those glamour blogs

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