Upstairs #3

We had another mission to the attic this weekend to measure it up - well actually that's an excuse, really it was just for fun. We took a better camera so we got some good photos and we also found a few more things. Getting to the attic involves climbing onto the roof, clambering across a few different sections of roofing, then climbing in through a window. This photo is taken from the attic window and shows how tricky it is to get back down.
Access to the attic could be improved
Inside the attic there is a door to a small storage room which was open on our last visit to the attic so we didn't notice this sign on the outside until I closed the door. We assume it is also Judy Thomas's work from the 1920s as most of her drawing is inside the storage room.
The Lodge
Also got some good photos of the old wood shingles that are underneath the iron roofing in the oldest section of the house. From underneath they appear to be in remarkably good condition.
Old wooden roofing shingles from inside the roof
At first glance the attic doesn't look great but most of the problems are superficial. The floorboards are good and only a few are missing. The plaster is in good condition apart from a few sections near the chimneys where it looks like water has got in. This is all pretty easily fixed and the there is also the small matter of access. It would be great to reopen these rooms - we'll have to wait and see.

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