Sofia and Otto's wildlife

There is a lot of wildlife at Sofia and Otto's Playground. Some animals have managed to get their own posts while others are still awaiting the perfect photo opportunity. Here is a list of all of the (vertebrate) animals we have seen at our house, including birds flying past.


Black Swan
Pacific Black Duck
Great Cormorant
White-faced Heron
Brown Goshawk
Collared Sparrowhawk
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Masked Lapwing
Kelp Gull
Rock Dove
Spotted Dove
Pallid Cuckoo
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Laughing Kookaburra
Australian Hobby
Brown Falcon
Green Rosella
Eastern Rosella
Superb Fairywren
Eastern Spinebill
Yellow-throated Honeyeater
Noisy Miner
Little Wattlebird
New Holland Honeyeater
Black-headed Honeyeater
Spotted Pardalote
Brown Thornbill
Grey Butcherbird
Australian Magpie
Black Currawong
Grey Currawong
Black-faced Cuckooshrike
Grey Fantail
Forest Raven
Welcome Swallow
Tree Martin
Common Blackbird
Common Starling
Common Greenfinch
European Goldfinch
House Sparrow


Bennett's Wallaby
Tasmanian Pademelon
Brush-tailed Possum
Brown Rat
House Mouse


Metallic Skink


Southern Brown Tree Frog

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  1. Ha ha! I've become a mad Bird-Watcher (or "Twitcher") since moving to the country too Mrs Miranda!
    Love Ms Yvette XOX