Birthday lamingtons

Sofia is one today.  It has been a big year for us - new baby, new job (for Ian), new state and now new home.

I put together a montage of photos for the invite to her party, our little girl has changed a lot. (You can click on the image for a larger version).

A couple of days before Sofia was born Ian came home with a "zero" candle.  For a guy that doesn't really do birthdays it was a surprising and touching gesture.  Then the night of Sofia's birthday we needed something to stick the candle in, so Ian went down to the hospital cafe for cake and came back with a lamington because that was what there was.  I wouldn't let him light the candle (I thought it might set off the hospital smoke alarms), but we did get a photo of Sofia's first birthday cake.

We will be having a big cake for Sofia's party on Sunday, but we decided to continue the lamington-with-number-candle tradition, this time with the candle lit. (Excuse the dodgy photo, my iphone doesn't do well in low light, Renee may have some better photos in which case I will change it up tomorrow).

Happy Birthday Sofia!

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  1. Lovely photos and story - my, she's grown!
    Happy birthdat to Sofia and love to you all