Nice pear

The bosc pears are ripening.

Sofia likes them unadorned.


Unfortunately they are a bit buggy.


Ian volunteered to cut out the bad bits and I peeled them ready for use in an upside down cake.  Previously I had used this recipe when making upside down cakes with apricots, but I decided to try this one instead.  It says to use two small pears, but we had bits from lots of pears (which added up to more than two, I don't think two would be enough).  This is my attempt to "Place the segments of pear decoratively".


It is not a pretty cake (upside downs rarely are), but it was good - especially with a dollop of marscapone.  Next time I will probably combine the two recipes.  I like the caramel in the first (cooked in a skillet) and the cake in the second (a bit lighter than the first).

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