The fruit rolls on

We've been busy chasing after Sofia and Otto this summer so the garden hasn't received the attention it deserves. But it's still there and producing lots of lovely fruit.

One fruit that didn't really deliver last year was the grapes. After a good pruning over the winter and a warmer, drier summer, the grape vines next to the garage have been prolific this year. They are beautiful and sweet at the moment and there are certainly more that we can reasonably eat.

There were lots of pears last year and they are delivering again this year. We will probably pick them soon as the birds and possums are starting to munch on them. There will be lots to eat and we will also dry quite a few as they were a huge hit last year. Miranda is keen to try her pear bread recipe again too.

Despite being on its last legs, the peach tree is delivering a good size crop of beautiful looking fruit which should be ready in the next few weeks.

The apples are not too far away and are looking great. The really hot weather cost us some of the fruit through sunburn but there is still a bumper crop, especially on the bottom tree that Sofia loved so much last year.

We are also seeing a good crop of quinces after a pretty hard pruning over the winter and these should be ready later in April.

 And there are lots of walnuts on the tree so it's time to get Xenia out again.

...provided the cockies don't eat them all first

There are lots of cockies hanging around Sandy Bay and they frequently visit us. They have eaten all of our almonds and are now starting work on the walnuts. Some of them are so brazen that they just sit there and look at me when I try to shoo them away. Not sure what to do about them but hopefully they'll leave us some walnuts.

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