"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Sofia: breakfast on her chin.
Otto: hanging with Daddy. Big hand, little hand - the contrast always makes me smile.

A busy week (Ian was at a Melbourne conference for a few days and we also had a visit from my big sister) coupled with some really bad nights meant that I didn't take many photos this week. So once again we had a Sunday morning shoot. I quite like the immediacy of it - take photos, choose a couple, post on blog, all within an hour or so.

I have just read this week's post from Jodi where she suggested linking to our favourite for the week. A good idea - I don't get to check out all the 52 links and it will be interesting to see what others like. I can't remember which was my favourite from the ones I looked at last week, but I always like checking in on what Mister G and his mum have been up to.

Linking with the 52 Project at Che & Fidel.


  1. Thank you :) I like to see what you guys are up to too! I love that about the project, seeing so many other moments.

    Have a lovely week


  2. Bonds onesies! My youngest wore one just like that when she was all newborn and squishy. Everytime I see one, I am transported back to when she was a wee little thing. Thank you for that moment again.