There have been more bushfires in Hobart this week as we had a 35 degree day which thankfully wasn't too windy. There was quite a large fire that started at Risdon Vale that burnt on top of a hill we can see from our house. It is about 6km from away in these photos which were taken just before sunrise the next morning when it was pretty well under control but you can still see the flames on the hill.

Later the same day this hill to the north of us was obscured by bushfire smoke at the same time that the hill to the south of us was obscured by low cloud and drizzle. Only in Hobart...

This photo is the Forcett fire from our place in early January - much further away but also a lot bigger. The following day it got bigger still and caused a lot of damage all the way down to the Tasman Peninsula, especially in Dunalley.

We're hoping bushfire season is almost over now. There are some warm days forecast again this week but after that it will start cooling down.

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