Renovation - ready to pour

The work continues on the renovation to prepare for the concrete to be poured this week. These photos show the room that will be our new bathroom being prepared for the slab to be poured with sand being molded and then covered in plastic. The new pipes are dug into the ground underneath the sand.

And this is a bigger view of the room. I think the big drain on the right is for the bath.

Outside of the house the formwork is in place to pour the floor for the new kitchen and dining room.

There are more changes happening inside too with the old toilet having been removed. The hallway will extend through the end wall which will be cut out to give access to the new kitchen.

Here is a temporary toilet in the old bathroom.

In the main bedroom the skirting boards are off and it exposes some brick that we hadn't seen before. We had a heritage architect look at the house on Friday and he gave us some very interesting information about the age of the house which will be the subject of another post. Interestingly, these bricks in the old house look machine made yet the bricks in the oldest extension are hand made and appear older. This is not the only confusing thing in trying to work out how old the house is.

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