Renovation - preparation for the new room

We are now two weeks into the renovation. This week there was some more demolition inside the house as well as some external work like the bay window being removed. The photo below shows where there used to be a bay window which was one of the things I won't miss about the pre-renovation house as it was falling apart.

The big change this week was the excavation to make way for the new kitchen/dining room. This is pile of dirt from the excavation as seen from the driveway and ready to be taken away.

This photo of the excavation looking up the yard shows just how different things look after the past few weeks work. The height of the drop at the back of the new kitchen is bigger than we had hoped although we were aware that this was a potential problem. We still need to work out how to resolve this. The wooden frame that you can see in either corner of the excavation is the height of the new slab (it doesn't go all the way out to the frame).

This is the excavation looking from outside the garage and it shows where the new kitchen is going. It is ready for the footings to be dug out this week.

The roofline above the hallway has been simplified from the mess that was there before and there is a temporary roof over it which you can see in the photo below. The previous roof and skylight often leaked in heavy rain and won't be missed.

And very importantly, as you can see in the photo above, the beautiful orange tiled mirror from the bathroom has been salvaged. 

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