Renovation - end of week 3

There has been more work going on at the house this week like cabling and installing the pipes for the heating. While all important work, some of it isn't that exciting to look at so here are a few photos of some more tangible things.

The verandah is in pretty poor condition and got a few mentions in Things I won't miss about our pre-renovation house. There has been some action here and the builders have removed a panel and started work on one of the posts.

This post is in terrible condition as the gutter and downpipe used to overflow here.

The other problem with the verandah is subsidence of some of the footings and this photo shows just how much this one had dropped. This caused damage such as splitting to other parts of the verandah above.

The main action this week was more work on the footings for the new room. This looks from the driveway towards the back yard and shows the work that has been done.

And this piece of temporary plumbing caught my eye. With no gutters on the hallway roof, a large section of the main roof could drain into the footings. This pipe diverts most of this water away from where it can cause damage - particularly necessary with the very wet weather this week.

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