Last Monday after lunch I took Sofia out for a walk in the pram to try to get her to nap (she didn't). When we were walking back up the driveway at home we disturbed a wallaby which hopped away across our front lawn. We were very lucky that it didn't just hop straight into the bushes but sat out and let Miranda take lots of photos and even some video.

Lots of people in Hobart have wallabies in their yard if they live further out or next to some bushland but it was a big surprise to see a wallaby in the middle of suburban Sandy Bay. Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised, it's only a few hundred metres to a patch of bush near UTAS where I have seen wallabies and bettongs before.

Sofia was very excited by "Kangy" and a couple of times since has asked where Kangy is (she loves watching the video). We saw it again that evening, but haven't seen it since.  It has probably moved on, but we will keep an eye out for it.

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