"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: loves everything about the beach, here she is listening to the sand.
Otto: Mama's mouth? Daddy's brows? People love "dissecting" babies' faces.

We are just back from a week at the beach. My photos are a little late as I didn't take my laptop and couldn't be bothered trying to post from my phone.

I mentioned in this post that I find it much easier to find a photo of Sofia than Otto, but I am ashamed to admit that this week while there were many, many photos of Sofia there was only three solo shots of Otto and none of them were worth posting. I had to whip out the camera just then and do a speedy photo shoot with my little buddy. I can find many excuses - he is very little still and often being held by me, Sofia had a birthday this week and at two she is doing so much that there is wealth of photo opportunities, but (as Momma B commented on 2/52) maybe I should be taking advantage of the fact that Otto can't run away!

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  1. As much as "dissecting" is a bit of a sport, the combination of all the features is perfection.

  2. Happy birthday Sofia. Big kisses from us!