Bobbin' for apples

We have had some new year's visitors - Sofia and Otto's Aunty Emma, Uncle Stephen and cousins Mathilda, Gwen and Jonny came to stay as part of their big Australian holiday. The girls were heading to an international girl guide jamboree near Launceston so they popped in for a couple of days before heading north to drop them off.

It was Gwen's 10th birthday yesterday so we had some party games - apple bobbing and a doughnut eating competition. I haven't played these games in about 35 years and while I didn't bob for apples I was triumphant in the doughnut eating (apparently some skills are for life). Unfortunately I couldn't eat and take photos (although I believe there were some taken), but we had two heats so here are Gwen, Jonny and Stephen doing their thing under the trusty hills hoist.


Gwen was the champion apple bobber with a ruthless technique of deep plunge and chomp. Here is the bobbing action.

Even Emma had a go!

Sofia was a bit young to be an active participant, but she had a lot of fun helping set up, getting wet and generally hanging out with her cousins.

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