"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: Loves to be helpful, lately assisting with the packing and unpacking the dishwasher
Smiling up a storm, discovering his tongue and busting out of 00s

I have really enjoyed following Jodi's of Che and Fidel 52 series this past year.
So I have decided to embark on my own 52 this year.

Having only rudimentary photographic skills means this will be more a record of points in time (I am predicting often with iPhone snaps) than an artistic endeavour, but you never know - I might even be inspired to take the camera off automatic.

You will be able to display all the 52 posts here by clicking on the button in the sidebar.


  1. Just beautiful! They are so alike. What gentle captures of your gorgeous babies. WIshing you the loveliest weeks :) x

  2. they are the perfect first pictures for this project.
    found you from jodi's.
    x ashley

  3. Beautiful littles you have.
    I love Otto's suit.
    Enjoy the project.

  4. So sweet, beautiful children!
    Dont worry I just got a new camera and have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I am doing with it, but Im sure your photos will be beautiful if this is anything to go by! xx

  5. Gorgeous little ones!! I love that suit that Otto is wearing :)

  6. Your children are quite beautiful!

  7. These are beautiful. My little one has been very into helping with the dishwasher lately as well.

  8. your little poppets are gorgeous, this project is heaps of fun, doesn't matter what gear you have! have a sweet day :)sarah

  9. I'm iphoning it in on my 52 at the moment too :) - I harbour grand plans of actually using our camera at some point.

    Lovely pics (I'm impressed at Sofia helping load the dishwasher - our 14mth old G just wants to climb inside.)

  10. Your kids are gorgeous and really sweet photos!