Rescuing the verandah

Early in the cleanup
This photo shows the part of the verandah that is closed in on the eastern corner of the house and down the south east wall. The garden went crazy here and grew up through the verandah and split the frame and woodwork quite badly. Grapevine, wisteria and climbing roses were the main offenders.

So this little project is to get rid of all of the things that were growing through and damaging the verandah to stop any further damage and to get ready for repairs to start.

You can see from the photos above that there were some pretty big vines in there, and this was after I'd removed the really big ones closest to the camera. Judging by where there are bits of dead vine, it had been much more overgrown in the past and this has split some of the window frames so it will take a bit of work to fix all of this up.

It took a few hours to pull everything out and clean out under the verandah to make sure it won't just grow straight back. For now there is nothing that will keep splitting further.
After the cleanup - nothing growing through now
A better angle shows it's all gone

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