The book

This is the front cover of a book we were told about two days after we moved in. The house on top of the hill in this photo is apparently our house in 1911, before it was painted white. (It looks about right but it  seems to be missing a chimney on the left hand side from this view.) The book says that our new house is the original farmhouse on the farm that partly became the golf links around 1900 and was subsequently subdivided in 1915. The book also says the house was built in 1818 which didn't seem right to us and we have since been advised that our house looks more like it was built in the 1840s. There is documentary evidence that there was a house here from around 1820 but it was not the one that we are currently in. Looking around the house there are some interesting things that we would like to understand more about. As part of the heritage assessment prior to the renovations we have to get an expert to do a thorough review and hopefully that will answer our questions. We also know that the house has been added to and modified on numerous occasions which makes it even more difficult to work out.

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