Cleaning up the garden

This garden bed was overgrown when we arrived
There has been a lot of cleaning up to do around the garden as it was let go for the last few years. Here's a photo of part of one garden bed underneath the Greengage Plum on the back fence. There are still a lot of garden beds like this that need to be hand weeded and they often have prickly weeds and other things that need special attention.

We had no trouble filling up two large compost bins with garden waste. We bought a normal size compost bin (220 litres) for our kitchen scraps a few weeks ago but we had to order these guys (400 litres) in as Bunnings didn't carry them in stock so it was a bit of a wait. We ordered and paid for two but Bunnings very kindly delivered five so there are still three sitting in our driveway. Probably should call them and tell them there are some spares but was also kind of intrigued to see if they worked out where the other three bins they ordered had gone.

Two big bins
Three spares. Thanks Bunnings!

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