In the beginning

Settlement day dinner
This is the story of our house and its transformation from slightly run down house with lots of character to our home, and of our adventures along the way.

Settlement Day was 9 December 2011 and this photo is our celebration dinner - fish & chips with vintage Jansz on the sunroom floor. We forgot to bring a glass so luckily we found one in the kitchen. (Vintage bubbles straight from the bottle is real classy.)

Parts of the house are old - probably 1840s - and it's been added to many times along the way. The plan is to maintain the character of the old part of the house and change the newer part (basically anything with plumbing) into a contemporary living space. It's a major project which will take some time.

The other great thing about this house is the huge garden. Pretty well every type of fruit and berry that can grow in this climate is here. Every house should have raspberries right outside the back door.

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  1. So Sophia had the Jansz, judging by the proximity of the rattle.

    See youse next time.