Renovation - the final countdown

This is probably the last blog post before completion. We are still on track to finish next Friday and the floor sander was working hard today. Things are really close now and the builders are working on the final details so it's difficult to find any photos that show the progress. We are down to the big decisions like door colours, positioning of lights and finishing off outside. This means there are less photos this week and you have to look harder to spot the differences... although the difference between the first two photos should be fairly obvious.

 Otto is pretty excited about this door (the back door).

Both the toilet door and the bathroom door are painted yellow.
The orange and the yellow colours have been carried over from functionally similar doors in parts of the house that were demolished.

And the door between the kitchen and the laundry is this blueish colour.

Most of the heaters are fitted to the hydronic system but it's not quite finished off yet.

Things are also going on outside the house. The trellis has been removed from around the verandah and unfortunately it couldn't be repaired. We've gone instead for this mesh which has been painted black and which you can sort of see in this photo. The idea is that the sandstone footings of the house are more visible. The posts will be painted white.

Overall the verandah is progressing. The electrical cable has gone, the footings and supports are being stabilised and the rotton wood is being replaced

But the biggest change is that the brick steps have now gone and the new railing has been installed. This might take a bit of getting used to.

There are lots more things that we don't have photos of but from next weekend we have the place back and can take all of the photos we want!

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