Renovation - the final month

We are pretty close to the end of our renovation now and while there is still quite a lot to do, most of it is finishing things off. Here is one of the windows that will house a seat and as you can see, the finishing touches need to be added.

These are the seats that go in the windows and double as storage drawers. They are sitting on their backs so the open side in this photo is actually the top which gets a wooden cover, then some cushions. The side facing up in this photo is the front of the drawers.

Above the new steps in the hallway is the new raised floor with everything starting to come together here. The windows on the left are installed in the old door frames and the new door frame has been installed for the big pivot door to separate the old and new parts of the house.

This is the big pivot door that goes about where Miranda is standing in the photo above.

These are the shelves in the pantry/laundry which have just been installed. 

 The tiling has been done outside the backdoor. It's the same bluestone tiles as in the bathroom and laundry.

There are lots of little things going on like finishing off this door frame - and obviously the corner window next to it.

In the big room where the new wall was installed the bookshelves have been fitted. This photo doesn't really give the impression of scale but they will hold a lot of books.

The bathroom is progressing with the vanity due to be installed in the next few days on the left hand side of this photo. The bricks on the wall are very old and are being painted and left as a feature.

Here is the shower. The shower window is currently boarded up but will be replaced with clear glass. The view from the shower at sunrise is one of the highlights of the house.

 And the bath. The windows are going to be replaced soon with opaque glass.

The electricity supply was switched over this week. The wire now goes to a pole near our driveway then underground to the house. The old wire was removed so there is now a clearer view.

In the next few days the kitchen cupboards will be installed and then the floors will be sanded throughout the house later next week. We are expecting to finish two weeks later than initially planned but that means we will be moving back in early November.

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