Renovation - handover

The renovation is finally 'complete' and we are moving back in tomorrow. There are a few things still to be tidied up, particularly outside the house but the inside is done. The last few days were focussed on the big issues like exactly where the towel rails go and what height to put the feature door handles.

We got possession of the house back yesterday so we have taken lots of photos of the house looking beautiful and new and clean. The next few days we have to pack up our rental house ready for the move on Monday.

Lots of photos of the house and not so many words today. This photo shows the front door and the unfinished path and driveway area.

The kitchen looks pretty good with a few minor things to be fixed like replacing the white power points with black ones and taking the sticker off the oven. The benchtop/splashback was a bit experimental but looks really good.

This high window lets in winter sun and has a nice little view of the roof of the old house.

There are so many types of wood around the house. All of the old floorboards have been polished and the wood in every room looks different. The hallway has four different types of wood including the new section.

This is the new section seen from the steps. The door normally sits against the wall but is partly closed for the photo. Note the mix of old and new light switches at the meeting point of the old and new houses.

This is from a few steps back and shows the new steps in the hallway.

This is the kids new room, previously the lounge room.

 The hallway has very old floorboards and are full of character.

This is half of what used to be the big room and it has lovely light. The fireplace still needs to be finished off.

And this is the kids old room, sans wallpaper and manky carpet.

The sunroom has also had its  carpets removed, floorboards polished and the sliding door replaced with french doors. The view is now without power cable.

There is a window in the shower so we can watch the sun rise - a great way to start the day. Will get a shot of this once we move in.

This is our new woodheater in the room that used to be our guest room.

The old kitchen has been turned into a bathroom and a new door to the back yard. This room is very dark and we'll see how the colour goes. This door is just where the old oven was.

Across from this is a wall that was meant to be left unpainted, but there was a bit of a mis-communication and the painter started to cut in around the edges. We're still working out what to do with this. They are really beautiful old handmade bricks.

The bathroom is complete apart from the mirror on the cabinet. 

When the kids came around to have a look they did an interpretive dance in the dining room to celebrate.

We had a celebratory fish and chip picnic dinner (with Miranda's sister Jenny), just like the day we took possession of the house in December 2011.

We are looking forward to moving back in!

PS Miranda should be back with some 52 portraits sometime soon.

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