A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Sofia and Otto: at the park in the late afternoon winter sun

We made the decision to move out while we renovate and while moving and renting are a pain, one of the benefits has been that we are now over the road (and up a block) from a park/playground. Many an afternoon we pop up the road and run and swing and climb and slide at our new local.

And a bonus tv-watching-sibling-snuggling photo to mark the half-way mark of the 52-2015 project (featuring a beautiful blanket made by Aunty Jenny).

Thanks to Jodi for hosting the 52 project at practising simplicity

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  1. it was the blanket I noticed in your link up picture! It's great!
    But the pics in the park are great too! Nothing like it in winter, being able to get out on a great day...

  2. Oh what a lovely unintentional side effect - it looks like a great park!