Renovation - frame and floors

Lots of photos, not many words today. Over the last few weeks the builder has been working on the frame for the new room. It's a bit hard to see what's going on from these photos but if you look at them alongside the 3d drawings then you can sort of see what's happening.

The frame before the rafters were added

Looking along the room after the rafters were added

Neat light patterns on the kitchen frame

The views starting to appear through the window spaces

Looking through the pantry at the back of the kitchen

Nearly ready for the roof

Approaching up the driveway

There's also been a bit going on to fix up the old rooms inside the house. The wiring, plastering and painting are all progressing. Work on the floors has started and they are looking good.
Sanded floor with a trial sealant

Patchwork floor in the double room
The floors in front of some of the fire places has also been fixed up and the fireplace where the woodheater used to be has also been cleaned up quite a bit.

Cleaned up fire place

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  1. Ah, loving this! Those floors! You're really living a dream of mine here - looking forward to followig along!