Our house now has a slab. The preparations took a while but it has now all come together. We took the kids around on the day of the pour to see some of the action from our neighbour's driveway. The concrete trucks were pretty exciting!

The driveway is a bit difficult for such a tall truck so they parked a concrete pump at the bottom of the drive and pumped it up. The poor pump looked like it was barely coping but it all seemed to work.

Here are the concreters at work. It was difficult to get a good spot for a photo as access was restricted and we were wrangling children.

And here is the finished product a few days later. The brick wall that currently has a little window in this photo will be cut away to extend the hallway to the new room once it is built.

Inside the house there was also a slab poured in our new bathroom. You can see the circular bath drain on the right hand side and the shower drain near the far wall.

The builder has also been working on the old house and a lot of the wiring has now been done with the plastering also underway. Here is an example of what they have had to do all over the old house - chasing in the wiring - a bit of a step up from the old style wires tacked on the outside of the wall.

We knew the brick work needed to be redone around the back door but I was a bit surprised by how much they pulled down.

This is the same wall from the outside a few days later and completely rebuilt.

This door to the kids' bedroom has been stripped as the paint was very old and cracked.

And finally, one of my favourite things this week was finding a large whiteboard covered in calculations to work out how big all of the pieces of wood need to be, especially for anything which is on an angle.

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