Getting ready for winter

Yes, we are still here but it's been hard to find time to write anything for the blog lately.

Winter will be with us soon and we use our open fire a lot. We had a few trees chopped down last year and the wood has been drying near our garage over the summer. I didn't take a "before" shot of all of the wood on the driveway but I did manage to dig up a photo from last December when we were netting the Mulberry tree. It's not that clear from the photo but there are two full rows of wood there.

The plan was to make our wood shed a bit more weather proof, then put all of the wood in the shed. This is the woodshed from behind as we were starting. First we put up some reinforcement mesh and tied it to the woodshed frame and the garage to give the back of the woodshed some more strength. We then measured out the black plastic that will make up the back wall.

This is the woodshed nearly finished. We used gaffer tape for some extra strength then nailed it to the garage and the posts - hopefully this lasts the distance. We also hooked the plastic to the roof of the woodshed so that the wood is completely protected from the winter rain.

Once it was finished we moved all of the wood into the shelter so that it stays dry over the winter.

And here is the driveway looking all nice and clean. While we were moving the heap I also discovered that chickens love to eat skinks. One of them would catch a skink then they would chase around fighting over it.

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  1. I'm very impressed with your woodshed!!! Yep, our wood piles are in various places around the house paddock, would be so nice to have a designated woodshed, or at least something undercover.....Mel x PS Maybe we could get together to go to the Spinners and Weavers Guild one day...?