Second annual Easter egg hunt

Last weekend was Easter so we organised our second annual Easter egg hunt. Everyone turned up at 10 o'clock and hung out in the sunroom until we were ready to go. It was great to see Archie, Ellie, Sofia, Otto and Rory playing together so harmoniously in the toy kitchen before we went outside. 

They were all pretty keen to get going.

The fact they were all a year older meant it was much calmer than last year, which seemed to mostly consist of a scrum of slightly bewildered toddlers running around the backyard together having someone point out where the eggs were. This year they all went in different directions and actually understood what they were meant to be looking for. Even Otto got in on the action.

Rory found a good stash of eggs in the sandpit and the girls loaded them into the bowl.

In the interests of fairness, all the eggs were pooled to be divided up after the hunt.

Of course, not all of the eggs that went in to the bowl made it back to be divvied up...

There was a bit of a post-sugar slump to deal with afterwards, but it wasn't too bad. Sofia was super excited the following day when we were out doing some gardening and she found an egg that had been missed the day before. We look forward to the third annual Easter egg hunt!

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