Sofia turns three

Yesterday was a special day for our big grown up girl - she turned three! She got quite a few books and puzzles but her favourite present was her new scooter and she has been learning to ride it up and down the hallway. (Excuse the blurry photos - some of them are "action shots".)

It takes a while to get the hang of steering and stopping it, and there have been a few bumps...


Of course Otto never wants to be left out. You can see him in the background above following Sofia with the toy stroller and here he is trailing along behind with a great big smile on his face.

After presents we had a special breakfast.

Yummy pancakes

No need for a label on this photo.

After breakfast we went to Sofia's favourite cafe, Bookcoffee, sometimes known as Ginger Brown. Then we went to the playground nextdoor to the cafe for some more scootering and a swing. In the afternoon some friends came over for a special chocolate birthday cake featuring mulberries from our tree.

Sofia's birthday cake

Sofia certainly has the hang of blowing out candles this year

and the kids all loved the cake.

Sofia had a lovely birthday and slept very well afterwards. Thanks to everyone who sent along a present - she loves all of them.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Sofia! We wish we could have tried some of your birthday cake! It looked delicious! Lots of love from Michelle, Tom, Grace and Gilbert.