"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: a quiet moment on the step.
Otto: on the move.

I am spending a fair amount of time on the floor these days rolling around with Otto as he becomes more mobile. Sofia likes to join us and here she is lying on the step up to Otto's room (complete with sock "hand puppet" on her right hand).

Otto's commando crawl is very swim like and apparently very like my brother Andrew's when he was a similar age. My brother can now be found swimming to Rottnest, across the English channel or around Manhattan - I wonder if Otto will be similarly driven.

I haven't posted a sibling shot recently, but Ian took some photos this morning of the kids reading together (still in their sleeping suits as the heating hadn't kicked in yet). I mentioned Sofia's love of books last week, Otto looks to be following suit.  

No post of my favourite three for the year yet because I was having such trouble choosing that I gave up. I might revisit and see if I can be more decisive this week.

And in keeping with my indecisiveness (coupled with a wealth of great photos), I am linking to a number of favourites for this week: tranquil lake portraits, winter light, SuperM and a sink bath (who doesn't love a sink bath?).

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  1. aren't they so sweet reading their books together, love it!

  2. I will soon be on the floor too...what fun! :) Love the matching sleeping suits!

  3. Thanks for the link! I love the floor shots, and the one of them together is precious!