"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: raaaar!
Otto: my bright-eyed boy.

Ian took this shot of Sofia. She had been eating salad with balsamic vinegar and was pulling a variety of faces in response to the vinegar so Ian grabbed the camera. The low light meant that most of the images he took are variations on blur, but this one at the end of the sequence caught her mid-roar.

Otto has had a big couple of weeks - his first tooth popped through and he is now pulling up to stand on furniture (or your leg if you stand still for a moment). It seems he is always on the move at the moment, so I really cherish the quiet time we have when he feeds.

My favourite for 27/52 was from mammasaurus.

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  1. These are beautiful moments captured!!

  2. Beautiful pics. I miss breast feeding and I think its fantastic that you'll have this pic to remember! Visiting via Che and Fidel! : )

  3. Love the eye contact in the feeding image. Such a special bond.


  4. Just gorgeous - my favourites for the week :-)