Apples for the birds

It's been a pretty full on year with two little people running/crawling around the place and not sleeping nearly as much as we'd like them to. So we've ended up leaving quite a lot of fruit on the tree a few times due to a general lack of time and energy. The last of the apples is just getting over ripe now and the birds have been loving it - unfortunately there are no apples left now that aren't half munched. Obviously lorikeets love fruit...
Musk lorikeet
Rainbow lorikeet
We have also seen yellow wattlebirds, silvereyes and green rosellas getting into the apples but haven't managed a photo yet.

Sofia loves birds. One of her favourite bed time "stories" is Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Simpson and Day and she knows the names of quite a few birds. Each night she remembers being marauded by emus at Zoodoo and the day the ibis tried to steal her lunch at Hyde Park in Sydney. So when we heard there was a Tawny Frogmouth seen only a few hundred metres away in one of its regular haunts yesterday, we had to wander round to the university and look for it. We'd looked a few times before on our afternoon walks without success. But today, there were two frogmouths sitting in the birch outside the Commerce Building as promised.

Tawny Frogmouths
I always love seeing these birds - even more so because they eat mice and these two birds probably hunt in our yard.

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