"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: loves a slide, the faster the better.
Otto: big boy in the highchair.

Blink and it is the end of the week again. I have taken very few photos since last Sunday, so trusty iPhone snaps it is.

Sofia and I don't often get to hang out just the two of us anymore, but on Saturday afternoon Ian was minding a sleeping Otto so we jumped in the car and went to our old hood and the Pirate Park. The slides from the "ship" are fast and the first time down Sofia shot off the end, landing on her back. There was a split second when I thought she might cry, but instead she dusted herself off, grinned and raced up the stairs for another go.

Otto was six months old on Thursday and I have been thinking I will start him on some food soon. We followed the baby-led approach to solids for Sofia and she will eat practically anything so we will do the same for our bright eyed boy. I have been popping him in the high-chair occasionally to let him get a feel for it. His sitting up isn't very stable yet, but there is a little cushion that you can wedge him in with. There has been some stealth in these sittings as Sofia still uses this chair for breakfast and is quite possessive of "her" things. We may have to move breakfast from the kitchen to the sun-room where her other chair is set up.

Bonus photo! One from the vault - this is Sofia (at the same age as Otto is now) trying out that chair for the first time at Grandad and Granjan's house. There is no Ikea in Hobart, so the chair was bought in Perth while we were there on holiday. I remember her being quite pleased with it.

No favourite link this week, will try harder next time ;)

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  1. Otto has such a sweet little face and looks so much like his big sister at the same age. :)

  2. How lovely. My little boy is just a month older than yours & is loving his food!

  3. What a cutie Otto is! Starting solids was fun with my little guy, and we did the baby-led approach as well. Good luck!

  4. six months! we did baby led weaning with G too and I loved watching him discover new foods. Lucky Otto with all that ahead :)