"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: the last peach.
Otto: wedged under the couch.

In the last few weeks Ian and Sofia have been sharing one of our home grown pears or peaches after dinner. This week saw the last of the peaches eaten - the very last (for a while at least), as the peach tree was removed yesterday. This image is a still from a video I took of Sofia chomping her way through that peach.

Otto added tummy-to-back to his rolling repertoire this week so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find him far from his quilt and wedged under the couch after turning my back for a minute. I remember Sofia doing the same thing.

Sofia and Otto had their first bath together on Saturday. I had been bathing Otto in our flexibath on the bathroom counter which is great, but I figured it would be fun to get them in the bath together. The bath seat is new and should help to save my ailing back as Otto's sitting isn't very solid yet. I had to find one that would fit his ample thighs! This is the only photo that wasn't a complete blur of bathtime fun:

I know we are supposed to share the link love around, but last week Jodi's portrait of Poet was my favourite.

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  1. What a couple of bathing beauties :0)

  2. Love these photos - and that one of Otto under the sofa is just perfection!