Building a chook house - the finishing touches

The chook house was more or less built but it needed a few more things done before the new residents can move in. The chooks needed access, somewhere to sleep, somewhere to lay eggs and we need to be able to get the eggs.

The ramp is made from bits of wood found around our yard. Sofia is checking it out and her new sibling is looking on. Note also that the chook door now has a hook to hold it open.

A chook's eye view of the ramp from inside when the ramp was half finished.

The roost is just a branch pruned from the chestnut tree, trimmed to size then nailed to the frame.

The nesting boxes are free standing boxes with a sloping roof so the chooks can't sit on top. Here is Miranda making the nest boxes (and Sofia making "soup" if you look closely).

Relaxing in the chook house with the finished nest boxes. Possibly the last time I ever sit on the floor in there.

The egg door is an important part of the chook shed as it allows us to collect any eggs without going into the chook yard. We had to cut out a section of the wire mesh from the old dog enclosure so that the gate can open. It opens from the top so that little children can easily check the eggs.

Checking that the door works...

We've also fixed the gate on the enclosure that has been broken since we moved in.

Only one thing missing now...

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  1. Hiya Mrs Miranda. LOVE your hair!! SOOO tempted to follow suit but I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't be nice and silver like yours...
    Looks like everything is blossoming nicely down there in Tassie. Have really been enjoying your updates, recipes etc. but didn't realize I could leave comments as I've always read them in my Live Mail rather than here....
    The chook house looks awesome We'd love chooks too, but alas too many rogue dogs in our hood. Sophia is adorable! Can't wait to see #2 : )
    When you due?
    Lots of love
    Ms Yvette xxx