Building a chook house - day 3

The final step was putting together the chook shed wall panels that we'd built on day 1 and day 2 and trying to work out how to put a roof on the thing. Unlike last weekend, it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

First, I assembled the shed's base on my own. It probably wasn't the smartest way to do things but I built it in the garage so there was a flat surface to work on then carried it out to the chook yard. The legs aren't designed for this and they sagged a bit on the way but it was easy enough to knock them back into place once it was on the ground.

The rest of the shed needed to be assembled in one hit so we didn't have a half built chook house with no roof at the end of the day. I wasn't actually sure that this would be possible when John turned up around 3pm but he was confident so we decided to give it a red hot go.

Putting up the precision engineered walls was easy because they really were very well made. Really! They all stood up nice and vertical and fitted together pretty well exactly as planned. For a first attempt, this was quite impressive - in my humble opinion.

Sofia loved being in the half built chook house. Chiara appeared somewhat more suspicious of her father's reasons for putting her there.

The roof was more challenging and the plans weren't finalised until we had put the rest of the structure together and could see how it all fitted together. John worked out a solution and we made it work without too much hassle. 

It was dark by the time we finished so this photo was taken a few days later. So here it is, finished but for a few details and the fit out. It may look a bit like an outdoor dunny but it will soon be home to our very own chickens.

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