Building a chook house - day 2

Day 1 was a big success but there is still a lot to do. We still need a stand for the chook house but we need to work out how high it should be and how we're going to build it. The first thing was to find some good solid legs for the stand. There was an old structure at the bottom of our yard made of wood with large wire mesh over it - presumably so something could grow over it. Whatever it used to be, it was just a big weed pit now so I set about knocking it down and reusing the wood. It was hard going as two of the legs were concreted into the ground and the old bolts had all rusted into the wood. 

The dismantled structure with its former location - and my thumb
The uprights from this structure were about 11 x 11 cm and ideal except for the fact that the power saw we borrowed couldn't cut wood that thick. That meant sawing each of the legs by hand which was pretty tedious and hard work. The next step was working out how to hold the stand together. I decided to nail on some braces which the cross beams will be attached to - it will make sense when there is a photo of it completed.

Stand legs with braces attached - and my thumb
Just to test that it is roughly right I stood the legs up and put the chook house floor on top. When it is nailed together, the legs will be in the corners of the floor.

Checking the level of the stand - without my thumb
It might not look like much but it was all hard physical work. The stand, floor and walls are now ready to bang together tomorrow - we just need to work out how to build the roof.

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