The list

For a quick overview, this is a list of all the fruit and nuts we have identified in the garden (so far):

  • apples x 2
  • almond
  • apricot
  • currants (black, blue, red)
  • cherry plum
  • cherry x 2
  • chestnut
  • crabapple
  • cumquat
  • elderberry
  • feijoa
  • fig
  • grape
  • lemon
  • loganberry
  • loquat
  • medlar
  • mulberry
  • nectarine
  • peach
  • pear x 2
  • plums x 2
  • pomegranate
  • quince (regular and ornamental)
  • raspberry
  • walnut

Quite a list!   Some of these produced quite well over the few months since we arrived (the plums and apples for example).  We are hoping others, with a little tlc, will do better next year.  I have my fingers crossed for more apricots (we only got five or six this time round, but boy were they tasty) and I am thinking we can do better than the one measly pomegranate fruit that is currently hanging in there.  We have some work to do.

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