But what about the house?

We haven't forgotten about the house - it's just going a bit slower than hoped. Once there is an overall plan we want to start work on the front four rooms of the house. We can do this part of the renovation and still live in the house but we'll definitely need to move out for the big remodelling of the back of the house. 

In the mean time, we've made a few changes to how we use the house and cranked up the wood fires. One of the problems we have encountered is that a lot of the window and door frames don't really meet up so there are quite bad drafts. We've dealt with this by using the very latest in environmental technology.

Clear packing tape covering a hole in a window

 As any fan of Mythbusters knows, gaffer tape can do anything. It can fix a plane that has had its side ripped out by a grizzly bear, it can hold together a car that has been completely smashed apart, it can be used to make a functioning cannon, it can be used to lift a car off the ground and it can make a boat that will sail across San Francisco Harbour - among many other things. It can also be used to seal off drafts and it's been getting a workout at our place as there are a lot of gaps.

A gap between the glass and the frame

Southerly facing windows get special treatment. This one in the kitchen was one of the worst but is now ready for winter which appears to be starting this Saturday with snow down to 600 metres and a maximum of 11 degrees in Hobart!

No more drafts!

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