The Gourmet Gatherers

On the weekend we had a visit from Amanda and Stephen (the Gourmet Gatherers).  I came across the Gatherers in March when Amanda posted on the local freecycle group looking for surplus produce and she said in the entry "I am also really interested in odd fruits such as medlars and figs".  I remember thinking at the time "we have a medlar tree".  This was one of the fruits in the garden that initially no one seemed to be able to identify (or not our visitors anyway), so I went on a google hunt and eventually came up with some images of fruit that looked like ours.

Medlars are a bit different in that they have to be bletted before they can be used.  We have a large tree with lots of fruit and I have to say I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic about either processing the fruit or seeing it go to waste.  Then I saw this post and was reminded that someone else might be interested in the fruit, so I emailed them.  Luckily Amanda and Stephen were keen for the fruit and were happy to come over and take a couple of bucket loads off our hands.

They also came bearing homemade gifts - including some lemon mead, elderberry vinegar and a green tomato pickle.  I think we made a good trade!


  1. this is fabulous- we actually have this kind of fig (though i've never know what the fruit was). I'll be looking into ways of using it now that I have access to some great resources! thanks

    xo em

    1. glad that you found us and identified your medlars - it can be a bit tricky knowing what to do with a fruit if you don't know what it is!