Renovation - windows

This week the windows went into the house.  There are still a few small  windows that need to go in but all of the big ones are in and the new room is fairly waterproof. It kind of looks like it did before but with windows.

The inside of the room is starting to look a bit more finished too. The window at the other end is actually a full length sliding door but there is stuff leaning against it in this photo.

And this is the front of the same room, facing the street. The window lets in the afternoon sun in the winter but not so much in the summer.

 The back wall with window looking towards the chicken house and the back corner of the yard.

This area will become the oven/stove in the middle and fridge on the right.

This is the window that was shown a few weeks ago with boards instead of glass. It's more functional now but I thought it looked really cool with boards in it.

And this is the same room from the inside. It's still a really lovely light room without the bay window.

We've also replaced the doors on the sunroom and it is much quieter now as the doors seal properly.

Things are happening inside the house too. The bath is in and quite a few other little things in this part of the house that have progressed.

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