Renovation - getting close now

Progress continues on the house and these photos were mostly taken early this week by Miranda. All of the structural work has been done and the house is mostly in its final stages.

The new wall now has sound baffling and the bookshelves are almost ready to go in.

The bathroom is being tiled. There are still a few more things to be fitted in here like the vanity and the toilet.

The steps are in for the raised section of hallway leading to the new room and new front door.

This is a kookaburra sitting on the electricity wire which is soon to be removed. But don't worry - there are lots of other places for them to sit once this wire has gone. Apparently they have been around quite a bit during the build.

The outside of the house is getting a coat of paint so first it needed to be cleaned.

The new floor is in the kitchen and dining area. 

The sunroom is also looking pretty good with the old carpet removed and floors sanded. The floor is actually in two halves. There was an original sunroom which was a closed in section of verandah and then later on it was extended further out. There are other signs of how it evolved over time like a verandah post which is now covered up inside the wall.

I went round to the house today to do some work in the garden and took a few snaps on the phone. This is the old house with fresh coat of paint. It still needs another coat and the roof still needs to be painted but the impact is pretty dramatic already.

And there was a bit of a show while I was there - the Roulettes were doing some aerobatics over Sandy Bay and Battery Point. They were actually much closer than they look in this photo.

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