Renovation - over half way

It's been a little while since the last renovation post and that is partly because my phone went for a swim in the bath and I lost everything including all of the photos that were going to go in the post (and all of my phone numbers). So we went back and took the photos again.

The front four rooms in the old  house are well progressed and the floors have now been completed. The floorboards are full of character throughout the house and give some clues as to ow the house has changed over the years.

There is a new wall which splits the big room in two. It isn't complete yet but the stud work is done. On this side of the wall there will be bookshelves. You can see the different wood in the floor which was put in to replace the old fireplace and wall which were removed in 1920.

The new wardrobes have been installed in the main bedroom.

The hallway is being raised towards the back of the house.The frame is installed but the builder hasn't put in the step or the floorboards yet. The floorboards will be recycled from the parts of the house that we demolished.  

This is a new doorway just outside of the bathroom and where the oven used to be in the old kitchen.

The old kitchen is divided in two to make the new bathroom and the new external door shown in the shot above.

This is the view from near the new front door looking all the way down the hallway, through where the toilet used to be. The house looks very long from this angle.

The kids room. No more manky carpet or loud wallpaper. This room is a bit damp so some of the floorboards weren't in great shape .

A north-west facing window in the new room which will let in afternoon sun in the winter.

Another angle on the old toilet. You can also see the new water pipes going under the new hallway floor.

This is the timber cladding for the new room waiting to be treated then attached.

We are also moving our electricity access point to the house as the old wire was ancient and blocked the view. The new wire will come to this post then go underground up the driveway.

A bonus snow shot of the backyard. It snowed for the first time since we've been in the house so I snuck round after dropping the kids at childcare for some snaps. Some of the snow had melted by then but it still looked pretty.

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