Renovation update

Progress continues on the renovation. It's all meant to be finished in about eight weeks from last Monday when these photos were taken but we're not convinced it will be completely finished. There has been quite a bit of progress in some areas.

There is a new wall in what used to be the big  room. Here are the two sides of the wall. The side that is currently just a frame will be covered with bookshelves.

The hallway ceiling has been fitted and the new roof was going on top of this during our site visit.

The window frames have all been installed with the glass being fitted this week. It seems a shame to put glass into this frame.

Some of the cladding is on the back of the new room

The back porch has it's cover

The bathroom has changed quite a lot since we last saw it and is starting to take shape - this is the shower. On the left you can see the window which is currently boarded up but will be fitted with glass so we can watch the sun rise from the shower.

The sunroom has been cleaned out and the carpet removed ready for the floor to be done.

The gas is not quite connected. Tasgas was there trying to put a line under the street using a borer.  Their machine hit a rock which means they have to come back and dig a trench across the whole street which is a much bigger operation.

And the garden is still a building site. Parts of the garden are starting to get overgrown and I need to spend some time doing some weeding, especially as it gets warmer and things start growing again.

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