Looks like a good berry season

We have a number of different types of berries growing wild in our yard - and we've never worked out what they all are. They don't get much attention so anything we get from them is a bonus. A lot of the unknown berries are eaten as they are picked or end up as jam. There are also red currants which are a bit of an acquired taste.

Our favourite is definitely the raspberries which grow just outside our back door. The first year we were here there was quite a good harvest. Last year was a warmer, drier season and we were competing with Sofia and the chickens so we hardly saw any. This year we have had a very wet winter and spring and all of our berry bushes are covered in fruit.

The raspberries are almost ripe so to make sure we actually get to eat some raspberries this year, this afternoon I netted them.

In fact, the first few raspberries are already ripe but we haven't eaten them yet.

I also went to check the berries that have found themselves inside the netted veggie patch and there were a few ripe ones there too, but not exactly sure what they are (Loganberries?).

I picked five and we all tried one, including Otto. They probably could do with a little bit longer to sweeten up but they were very yummy.

The red currants are also almost ready to go and Sofia has noticed, so I imagine there will be plenty of red currant munching sessions in the next few weeks as she loved them last summer.

So much more yummy food to come...

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