Grey (white) goshawk

One of the special birds that visits our yard, mostly in the summer time, is the Grey goshawk. Grey goshawks come in both grey and white morphs on the mainland, but in Tasmania all grey goshawks are white. Here is a not very good photo of today's visitor sitting on the power line in front of our house. Apparently they don't like having their photo taken as this is not the first time that I've taken a bad photo of one that was quite close and sitting still. 

 Grey (white) goshawk

I would have had another snap at it but was distracted by the fairywrens right in front of me. With three days to go it was the first time I'd seen them in our garden this year. I also managed to take a bad photo of the fairy wrens.

Superb fairywren

There are a lot of young wattlebirds around our yard at the moment and this seems to be a young Yellow wattlebird feeding in the big grevillea in our front yard. If you zoom in you can see its tongue poking out as it has been getting nectar from the flowers.

Yellow wattlebird feeding in the grevillea

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