It is our little boy's first birthday today so we had the traditional celebratory bought baked treat (you can read about the start of the tradition here).  Otto's treat is a vanilla slice.

Here is a shot of Otto's 'zero' slice (taken while we were still in hospital, he is so tiny!):

Today he huffed and puffed, but is still a bit young to be blowing out a candle. Sofia was more than happy to help (extra points if you can work out where she is sitting).

And the prize... he is finally allowed to eat cake.

We are having a party for him on Sunday with a big cake. There may be some intensive candle-blowing-out-training between now and then. Miranda put an invite together with a photo a month (click on the image to see a bigger version):

Happy birthday Otto!

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  1. Oh such cute photos! What a little sweet heart he is. X