Growing some veggies

Last Sunday Sofia and I managed to dash out and buy some seedlings for the veggie patch. The weather was pretty miserable with 10mm of rain for the day so the clay soil was difficult to work with, but we decided to put them all in as I was back at work the following day. The weather has been very windy all week but most things seem to have survived their first week in the ground. One of the tomatoes didn't make it and the zucchinis all looked a bit stressed by the wind but at the end of the week almost everything is still standing.

You can see in this photo that the tomatoes are at the back, the zucchinis in front of them and the peas at the front. Arranging the patch will be a bit of trial and error but the idea is to put the taller things at the back - except for the peas.

 We chose two types of tomatoes: grosse lisses

 and romas. It's a bit hard to tell the difference at this stage but the tag helps.

We also planted some zucchinis which all struggled with the strong winds this week (up to 96kmh on Wednesday). If you look carefully you can see the stick supporting this one. We hope that they all survive but some of them look a bit wounded.

Also some peas. We had some peas before and Sofia loved picking them and delivering them to the kitchen.

And if everything does succumb to the wind then we can always fall back on this self-sown pumpkin

These berries will be protected from the birds too.

After the miserable weather all week, this weekend we have had some still, warm, sunny weather and a good rain on Sunday night so I'm hoping that this has given everything a chance to recover and start growing.

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