"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Sofia: hanging with Barbara and 'berta.
Otto: keeping an eye on Roberta.

Sofia has had quite a lot to do with the chooks since we got them. She knows their names, likes to feed them kitchen scraps, collect the eggs from their house (she is more careful than she used to be) and sometimes she just likes to hang out with the girls while they peck around her. In this shot she was offering up some water for them to drink.

Otto on the other hand has had much less close experience as he is usually napping when we go and check for eggs or he is being carried on my hip way above chook height. Last week there was some glass between them, this week we took advantage of a beautiful sunny afternoon and Otto got amongst it.

A favourite from last week was this snuggle.

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