It's a beautiful time of year in the garden. This is the same time as we first looked at the house last year and the agent certainly chose the time when the yard is at its best to advertise the house.

Everything is so lush and green.  The fruit is on the trees but its still a few weeks until the first fruit kicks off (and six months til it finishes). The red currants are starting to get a red tinge. We also found a berry today that was ripe and in a few weeks the berries will be in full swing.

It was a beautiful day today so we decided to have a picnic under the plum tree. The chickens kept trying to steal our food when we weren't looking and they also drank our water. It was a bit glary which is why we're all squinting a bit.

After we'd finished eating we went on an expedition and found some peas in the vegie patch which we then ate raw - they are so sweet. Needless to say, Sofia loves them.

There was a fairy wren around while we were having lunch. It's such a treat having these beautiful birds in our yard.



  1. Ah, the Good Life! xx

  2. Living the dream.... : )

    Loving your updates! More of Otto please...
    Ms Yvette

  3. Ha! Took me 3 goes to prove I'm not a robot....
    Yvette x