Thursday this week was a bit of milestone - on that day Sofia was 21 months and Otto was 21 days.

The convention (old wives tale?) is that if you measure a girl toddler's height at 21 months and then double it, you will have an estimate of their full adult height. So I had a hunt around for the growth chart that Aunty Lynn had given Sofia when she was just a wee thing and taped it up on the one smooth piece of sunroom wall available.

 Sofia didn't really want to stand up straight next to the chart...

I have to say that my approximate chart placement, spongey carpet and Sofia's lack of co-operation mean that the measurement I took can only be rough guide, but the 84cm recorded means that her estimated full height is just shy of my height.

And here is a gratuitous shot of Otto sleeping...

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  1. I'm sure she'll be as tall and willowy as her beautiful mamma. Is Otto stashing acorns in those cheeks? They are perfectly round and kissable. love to you all.